Benefits Of An Inclusive And Diverse Workforce

Date posted: 19th January 2022

Diversity and inclusion

Businesses all over the UK have started to welcome employees back into the office after, in some cases, 18 months away through home working adjustments.

There have been large periods of change for organisations so, whilst we are in that change mindset, there is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to think broader and brighter than they have before about how to make their workplace more inclusive in 2022, especially amongst the disabled community.

In England, 1 in 5 people of working age are disabled, yet the employment rate is only 52%.  To put that into context, 81% of people without disabilities are currently employed. In 2022, the view that hiring disabled people is in some way ‘disadvantages’ businesses is an archaic and simply delusional ideology.

There are many well-documented benefits of building a diverse and inclusive team, from resilience to bravery and determination. A diverse outlook on life and a broader range of skills is likely to enhance your business and benefit your final output.

Organisations with above-average diversity levels have been shown to outperform those with lower levels of diversity by 46-58% according to research from Fast Company

This may be a result of improved motivation and loyalty derived from an inclusive and progressive workplace. However, despite businesses across the country seemingly placing more and more emphasis on diversity and inclusion, there is still a considerable volume that has not put that sentiment into action. Organisations that do showcase these progressive and inclusive values are likely to not just see a return in trust and faith from those who are given opportunities as a result of new initiatives, but also the broader workforce who are proud to represent a business that showcases such values.

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