COVID Christmas Parties

Date posted: 11th December 2020

Covid Christmas Party

5k running challenges, donating to captain Tom, national toilet roll shortages and that [name redacted], Carole Baskin.

2020 – What a year it has been…

So, it is no surprise that the traditional office Christmas party is going to look rather different this year.

But the world has demonstrated on more than one occasion over the last 12 months that we are more than capable of adapting to the ‘new normal’ and this year’s company Xmas do’s will be no different.

Kingswood Group have put together our list of creative and fun ways to have a safe, COVID-friendly Christmas party with your work colleagues.

Panto is cancelled… “Oh no it isn’t” 

Ant and Dec, bangers and mash, pantomimes, and Christmas – just a few beloved British pairings.

Whilst a night in a vibrant theatre is well and truly off the cards, there have been an abundance of companies working hard to keep a sense of mass entertainment by offering drive-in screenings of some of our favourite pantos over the festive period.

You could even take it one further and set up your own drive-in cinema in the office car park or accessible open space. Hiring screening equipment is affordable and easy to set up, so whether you opt for a Christmas film classic like Elf or Love Actually, or you stick with the traditional fairytale panto – you can have a good time with your colleagues in safe and socially distanced way.

Christmas Quiz


Okay, okay – we know… we’re all a bit fed up with Zoom conversations and reminding Maureen that she’s on mute for the 5th time in 10 minutes. However, Zoom has been a lifesaver for millions of people across the UK over the course of the year and why shouldn’t we commit one last time.

Besides, the beauty of Zoom is the screenshare function. Take some time to create a personal, fun, and engaging quiz about your work colleagues to get everybody involved and having fun in the safest way possible. P.S forfeits for incorrect answers involving a festive eggnog or two are a great way to break the virtual ice!

Virtual Casino Night

A night at the casino from the comfort of your own home – what’s not to love?

A chance for you to get your best frock or blazer out of the wardrobe and dust off the cobwebs. Your work team will look like the cast from a Bond film whilst you play fun casino games over video chat.

All you need is a deck of cards and if you’re feeling fancy, hiring a cheap roulette table and you can play the night away whilst celebrating the end of a challenging but rewarding year.

Experience That Christmas Magic

Maybe a little more ambitious and out there but who doesn’t love great magic tricks performed by an up-close magician?

Magicians are a great example of individuals who have been able to adapt and overcome the challenges that 2020 has thrown at them by developing their acts so that they are perfect for Zoom.

Acquiring the services of a magician is a fun, interactive activity for all of the team to get involved and have a good time.

Be Safe

As fun and light-hearted as this time of year is supposed to be, make sure that you comply with the COVID guidelines and stay safe.

This year has been quite remarkable and will be reflected on as one of the most daunting and challenging times Britain has ever lived through. So, whilst this year can be remembered as the year we wrestled over toilet roll, watched programmes about crazy tiger lovers and tried desperately to run 5k to impress our friends on social media – 2020 is also the year that we showed how resilient we can all be. The year where we maintained and even strengthened relationships with our work colleagues and wider client base in unprecedented times. The year that creativity and innovative thinking was sparked into life to build a brighter future.

The year that we appreciate what we have, where we are and where we want to go.

We cannot wait to show you what we have in store for 2021, but until then:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of the team here at Kingswood Group.

Be Merry, Be Jolly, Be Safe.


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