Don’t Stop Believing

Date posted: 23rd August 2019

“Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world. She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere…” – sound familiar?

Well, whether you’re unhappy in your current role or feel you need to move externally to achieve the development opportunities you’re seeking, many of us find ourselves are in search for a new job that matches requirements and fits in with lifestyle and other commitments.

Whatever your age, experience or qualifications, finding a job often depends on the vacancy spots available. But it’s all about finding those spots to join up the dots, right?

Getting hired by the ideal employer for the perfect role is never easy, but this shouldn’t deter you from applying.

Some people lose hope after sending out countless resumes and not hearing back. If you are one of these people, it’s time to re-evaluate your job search process and Kingswood Group can help! The secret is never giving in, if you want something bad enough, you will get it, as long as you don’t stop believing!

So, without further or do, let’s look at your options and put into practice your new found approach with some helpful tips:

What are your career goals?

What are you looking to achieve from your next job role? From financial benefits to an easy commute, there are many factors to consider, but making sure near enough every box is ticked is important.


How ambitious are you? Are you looking to progress steadily or quickly? Not to mention what you believe you can bring to a company? What you can offer and achieve also comes into the recruitment mix.

Take some time for you to define what your career goals are. Rather than just looking for any job, you should search for a company that aligns well with your goals.

Don’t jump in head first to a role that doesn’t align with what you envision for your future. The worst thing you could do when searching for a new job is to panic. Doing so will cause you to settle for any organisation that is hiring, even if you are not happy with the role. As a result, you will most likely find yourself looking at the job market once again within a few months.

As well as doing our best to help you achieve your objectives, Kingswood Group are above all, honest. So, if we feel from our experience working in HR recruitment for over a decade that your goals need tweaking, we will listen to you, and work with you to create a plan which includes how to reach those goals. 

Broaden your horizons

The beauty of the HR industry is that there is a diverse offering of opportunities. You may have your heart set on a particular position such as an HR Advisor, but do you know about other more specialist roles within the profession? Don’t limit yourself, it’s worth broadening your horizons and considering all types of positions Kingswood Group have to offer.

An updated CV

CVs and cover letters are the tools that can give you the opportunity to showcase yourself and your abilities in the working world. The job market is competitive, so it is essential that your CV speaks for you and stands out from the rest. A potential employer will judge your CV within the first few seconds of seeing it, if they do not approve or it does not stand out to them in that small time frame, you can bet that your chances of working with the company will be about as successful as a chocolate fireguard.

Thus, make sure that your CV is specific and tailored to the business that you want to work for before sending it out, we can help advise you on what may be missing/need adapting.

Be flexible

We like to meet with our candidates where possible early on in our partnership, allowing you to feel confident we understand you and are representing you in the best possible way to our clients. It also gives us more confidence to guide our clients when shortlisting for roles, so that even if you’re experience isn’t perhaps what they are looking for on paper, if we think your team/cultural fit and approach is right we feel much more assured in recommending they meet you for an interview.


Positivity is key to finding your next career path. Having a level head about your situation can give you the base to grow. As we know, your mental health is important and feeling confident in your abilities to excel in your career is a great solution to persevere and maintain a positive mindset while telling yourself you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Get help from the professionals

You can make your job search far easier if you get recruitment professionals to assist you with the search process. Our professionals at Kingswood Group can connect you with organisations that fit your skill sets. We understand the many shapes and sizes of the Human Resources role, so when you talk to us about your experience and career aspirations, we can work with you to discuss and plan how we can get you there.

Kingswood Group specialise in working with individuals and organisations to source and successfully recruit HR professionals largely across East Anglia, London and the Home Counties.

Our team are passionate about working within HR recruitment and from a multitude of experience, we have built a strong network of HR professionals offering different experience; in terms of specialist HR skills, industry background and level of expertise.

Don’t stop believing and contact Kingswood Group today for a confidential chat about your next job role. Email us at enquiries or call the team on 01206 482022 / 0203 984 6677. Alternatively you can complete the form on our website here.


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