From No to Yes: Make candidates fall in love with your business!

Date posted: 28th October 2021

The UK is in the midst of what has been described as a ‘recruitment boom’ with more and more vacancies being made available every day as businesses look to accelerate growth post-covid. 

However recent reports have suggested that employment workers are growing increasingly concerned as candidates are turning down interviews despite the record level of opportunities. 

One IT boss said more than half of the interviewees that they have had for a recent job role failed to attend, with one applicant telling him he could not be bothered. 

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There have been debates among union workers who insist that workers should not take jobs that they do not want just because they are available. 

So, in this challenging recruitment and on-boarding environment, what key incentives could businesses implement in order to attract and retain the best possible talent that they can find? The answer in most instances is culture. Implementing a culture that keeps the current workforce happy and motivated and makes potential new employees want to be a part of that environment. 

Companies can do this in different ways, of course, however, we have created a list of some ideas and notions that are widely reported as ‘desirable by potential candidates in 2021:

Wellness Programs

In an era where mental wellbeing rightly has such significant prevalence, combined with the unprecedented challenges that everyone has had to deal with over the last 18-months, having some form of wellness program within your business is a fantastic way to recruit successfully and keep employees motivated and happy. 

There is a wide range of different wellness programs available that include the likes anonymous mental health check-ins, regular team-building exercises, blocked times for open discussion amongst the workforce to discuss any potential grievances or friction points so that they can be addressed as best and quickly as possible before performance is impacted or employees look to move on.

Referral bonuses

Recruiting good people that fit in with the current team can be a challenge. Offering your current employees a financial reward for introducing a new team member that they think will fit the current dynamic is a really smart way of recruiting good people as well as motivating current employees.

Flexible Working Hours / Places

Remote working and flexi-hours is a topic of its own that has dominated the HR world for each business individually. But finding a balance that allows employees to tailor their working environment as much as possible is an incredibly attractive principle that, again, will not only attract potential employees but make sure that the current team is retained. 

Opportunities to Learn

With a slowing economy, it’s imperative that employers look to support their best employees in any way they can.

One way to encourage employee retention is to reimburse the expense of any training courses or additional education that may be undertaken.

The potential to learn new skills and refine current knowledge is another attractive prospect for potential employees that will go a long way in the recruitment process.

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