The Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Date posted: 12th September 2022

The Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on 19th September 2022: how to manage the additional public holiday

Since the announcement that Monday 19th September 2022 has been designated a public holiday to observe the Queen’s funeral, employers’ thoughts are turning to how they can balance the expectations some of their employees for time off work with operational commitments.

It is important to note that employees do not have an automatic right to paid time off on a public holiday. Public (bank) holidays do not have to be given as paid leave unless the employees’ contracts of employment stipulate otherwise.

We recommend you check the wording of your employees’ contracts of employment to see what their contracts say regarding how any additional public holidays that may be awarded over and above the standard 8 public holidays for England and Wales should be managed.

Once you have established what your contracts state by way of how any additional public holidays might be managed, you will need to communicate your decision fully and promptly with all your team members, including those out of the business such as if they are absent for reasons such as long-term sickness or maternity.  The communication should make it clear what your decision is regarding how the additional public holiday on 19th September will be managed.

Remember, even where there is no contractual entitlement to take the additional public holiday as paid time off, you absolutely can, as a gesture of goodwill, decide to allow your employees to take the additional public holiday as paid time off (not forgetting to pro rata for those who do not work on a Monday).

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