What Is The Value Of A HR Audit In 2021?

Date posted: 30th June 2021

We don’t want to jinx it – but it looks like we are on the right path to recovery. 

As millions of people in the UK get vaccinated, businesses begin to ramp back up to full capacity and a social life that resembles something of normality returns – we are excited for what the rest of 2021 holds. 

So how can we help you and your business make the best of it? With our free HR Healthcheck. 

To many businesses, the idea of some form of ‘HR Audit’ can be quite daunting and seem ‘unnecessary’. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. 

The people in your business and the backbone of everything that you do. Their feelings towards the company impact their performance which ultimately determines the success of the organisation. So planning, implementing and delivering a strong HR strategy is crucial, not just for the day-to-day working lives of your team, but also the overarching success of the business itself.

A human resources audit does not need to be ‘scary’ or designed to catch you out. It is a just the most efficient way to make sure that your business is operating at full capacity. As part of a HR audit, you will gain the following:

  • Protection and mitigation from risks to your business 
  • Ensure that you are up to date, compliant and following best practices within employment law 
  • Aligning HR practises to the overall business objectives 
  • Identification of key areas for improvement that will have a positive impact on the business overall

Of course, there is an element of relief that comes with an HR audit, knowing that all legal compliance dilemmas are being handled. However, the impact that a strong HR strategy will have on your team and their productivity can be entirely transformative for your business. 

In addition to your standard HR audit, at Kingswood Group we offer reviews into:


  • Recruitment & Onboarding – making sure that this typically challenging process is as efficient and effective as possible whilst being entirely compliant with all laws, rules and regulations.


  • Training & Development – To consistently grow your business, you need to be training and developing your current team in the most efficient way possible. Our HR review will help you to identify key areas where this can be implemented and help you start the process.


  • Performance Management – Make sure that your management team is fully equipped to get the most out of the broader team. 


  • Pay & Benefits – From both a legal and ethical standpoint, Kingswood Group can help ensure that the payment programmes within your organisation are up to scratch and introduce all whilst helping to identify and introduce any benefit schemes that are readily available for your business.


Over the last 18 months, businesses of all sizes have faced their unprecedented challenges and, for many, survival has been the most important thing. But for those that have survived, and in some instances, been able to thrive, it was largely due to their people pulling together and doing whatever it took in order to make it through.

For all their sacrifices and hard work, an HR Healthcheck is the ideal way to display your gratitude and showcase exactly how much you value their contributions. 

So, where to start? 

Take part in our FREE HR Healthcheck questionnaire today (don’t panic – it is multiple choice and only 12 questions) and our expert team here at Kingswood Group will get the ball rolling on your HR Audit  journey: https://kingswoodgroup.org/hr-healthcheck/ 


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