Grievance Resolution – taking the grief out of grievances

Gemma Todd, Senior HR Consultant at Kingswood Group, discussed how introducing a grievance resolution approach to managing workplace Complaints, Concerns and Conflicts (the 3Cs) can support positive culture change and make a difference to the bottom line!

In this webinar, focused on grievance resolution, we discussed:

  • What causes the 3Cs (complaints, concerns or conflicts) in the workplace?
  • What is the financial impact of managing the 3Cs?
  • What is a ‘grievance resolution approach’ and how can it support businesses to manage the 3Cs in a more cost and time efficient way?
  • Grievance Resolution Q&A session



Useful links we shared during the webinar

  1. CIPD (members): Dealing with bullying and workplace conflict: a guide for line managers | CIPD
  2. CIPD Paper: workplace-mediation-transforming-the-culture-of-conflict-management_2015_tcm18-15587.pdf (
  3. Gov.UK: Solve a workplace dispute: Mediation, conciliation and arbitration – GOV.UK (
  4. Acas: Dispute/ Grievance resolution | Acas
  5. NIDirect: Workplace disputes | indirect
  6. HR Direct: Conflict Resolution | Employment Law | HR Solutions (

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