Hiring Challenges 2023-Office based roles vs. Working from home roles

Office based roles vs. Working from homes roles

Working from home (WFH) and office-based roles each have their own set of challenges when it comes to hiring however, in todays market, businesses who are offering flexibility in some capacity are far more favourable than fully office based roles, in the eyes of (most) job seekers.

There has been a steady decline in fully remote working roles in recent months but the desire for a hybrid approach remains strong with job seekers, with preferences evolving and resistance with being fully office based.

Traditional office based environments may be deemed outdated when it comes to enforcing employees to work on-site 5 days a week, however offering a hybrid blended approach with office based and WFH options will typically produce a wider pool of talent.

Job seekers are keen to understand the hybrid working pattern at the outset when looking for a new role and would prefer clarity around how many set days per week need to be office based. Businesses who are unclear with their hybrid approach can often lose candidates, due to competition from other businesses who can specify at the beginning of the process.

Despite the continued desire for flexibility from job seekers, there will always be valid reasons that some roles and industries need fully office based attendance. In these cases, candidates should agree to and recognise the work location requirement and conditions.

Flexibility goes far beyond just location, but also when hours are worked. In the current market, a more human approach is required now to give a competitive advantage, as well as offering a range of flexible working patterns, including those who must be in the office and do not have the option to work remotely.


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