Temporary Staff: Why you Should Use a Recruiter to Fill Temporary Job Vacancies

Why use Kingswood Group to Hire Temporary Staff?

The cost of hiring temporary staff can come with a high price tag, especially if you get it wrong. The overall cost to businesses can often be higher than anticipated with various factors forgotten as part of the end-to-end recruitment and onboarding process. By partnering with Kingswood Group, you will work closely with a credible recruiter with a track record of success.

In addition, if you have an urgent vacancy to fill, we can offer you a temporary solution with filling your vacancy in the short term, while continuing with the recruitment on a permanent basis, if required.

With the summer holiday season fast approaching, we can offer you immediate recruitment support to ensure any hiring needs are handled efficiently and effectively.

Time saving

Recruiting a new member for you team can be both time consuming and resource intensive. Working with Kingswood Group can ease this by presenting you with a concise list of potential candidates who have been pre-selected to best match with the essential criteria, qualifications, experience and personality to best suit your vacancy, company and culture. The interview process will be arranged for you right through to feedback and offer stage.

Candidate pool

Our clients will immediately have access to a wider talent pool. We have an extensive database and network resulting in a large pool of candidates. This includes passive job seekers who may not be actively searching for new opportunities. In addition, we will also conduct a thorough headhunt style search to search to capture any additional talent.

Enhanced candidate quality

The team have experience in carefully identifying and evaluating candidates to best suit each unique vacancy. Before the process begins, we work with our clients to agree and define the key selection criteria and ensure expectations are managed based on our industry knowledge and the current market.

We use thorough screening methods, including skills assessments and pre-screen interviews, to assess candidates thoroughly before recommending to our clients. This helps ensure the candidates presented match the essential experience and desired qualifications, improving the overall quality of potential hires.

Negotiation and offer management

We will act as intermediaries between clients and candidates, handling negotiations and facilitating the offer management process. The team have experience in complex salary negotiations and will communicate the unique selling points of the role and company, ultimately ensuring the process is managed correctly to ensure positive outcomes.

Advertising reach and costs

We always advertise on a variety of job boards to maximise the reach to potential job seekers. This can include niche specialist job boards in line with your vacancy or industry.

Kingswood Group are now pleased to offer DISC profiling as an additional service to support clients who would prefer an additional data-driven personality assessment.

What makes us unique?

Our team will offer their expertise and industry knowledge to best guide our clients, providing a solutions driven approach. We deliver a professional service, tailored to suit each individual client and vacancy.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, ensuring the requirements are clarified at the outset to ensure results. Understanding your culture and values remains at the forefront of our approach as we believe this is essential for a successful partnership.

If you are looking to hire over the coming months’, especially with the peak summer holiday season approaching, please do reach you to one of our specialist team.

About us and the team

Kingswood Group is a leading specialist HR & Recruitment Solutions business. With our team located across Essex and London we partner with organisations across all industries to provide bespoke Recruitment, HR Outsourcing and HR Consultancy solutions depending on their people needs.

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